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  • Fitness

    Mi-time is here for you

    Our mission is to provide our students with top-quality
    movement  and well-being education through 
    exercise/movement  classes and Saturday workshops
    in a comfortable and motivational environment. 
    Whichever class you decide on, be sure to bring a smile.
    We work hard but that does not mean we don’t have time
    for a laugh. Primarily, your class needs to be fun.
    Life is too short to have it any other way.



Classes to suit everybody

Mi-Time wants to show you the way to enjoy movement, regardless of your starting point, challenges or age. We offer something for every level.

We hope you will find that being active is something you like to do, rather than to tick another box on your “healthy lifestyle to-do list".

Although the Mi-Time classes are exercise based, the focus is on movement education. We spend time on using the correct technique and understanding the exercise. We (re-)learn to listen to our body and to feel it. Lessons learned can then be applied to your daily routine or to help improve sport and explore new activities. Our motto is: FEEL THINK MOVE!


Mi-Time also organises specialty workshops, highlighting or focussing on different aspects that help create our general feeling of well-being and support happy lifestyles.


What can Mi-Time offer you?

If you would like more information on the classes, workshops and venues please browse through the pages.

For an update class schedule, please click on the Class Finder button

Alternatively, you can email miranda@mi-time.eu for more information regarding the classes.


To book one of our fitness classes. Email


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